Information About Civil Services Examination

Information About Civil Services Examination

Information About Civil Services Examination - Civil Service Exam and TestFor prospective candidates desirous for appearing in civil services examination, there is a happy news.

From the next year, candidates will have to appear in one compulsory paper of general aptitude. This paper in all possibility will be known as Civil Services Aptitude Test and it will be replacing the speciality subject which is chosen by the candidates themselves.

However, the change is applicable only in the preliminary exam of civil services not in the Main or Interview stage. Civil services aptitude test will examine the general aptitude of the candidate on the whole not just his or her knowledge in a specific subject. On the other hand, second paper pertaining to general studies have been left untouched pattern wise.

The proposed changes have been suggested by Report of the Civil Services Examination Review Committee, 2001. Another name that has been coined for this particular committee is Prof. Yoginder K Alagh Committee Report named after its chairman.

The modified paper will aim to assess the mental ability of a candidate in a much broader sense. This time, stress would be laid on English comprehension, problem solving and analysis of data arranged in different situations.

As per the new syllabus, both the papers will be of two hundred marks each. Candidates will be allotted two hours of time for each of the paper for completion.

The first paper is related to analysing the general knowledge of a candidate regarding matters of general significance that impacts the human life in one way or the other.

As per the modified version of the syllabus, only the second paper of civil service examination has been replaced with a more comprehensive aptitude test. This paper has been divided into eight different sections that will be assessing the candidate’s ability to solve aptitude related problems at different levels. This time emphasis has been laid on verbal reasoning test.

First section of second paper is that of comprehension containing questions which will be associated with some real-life circumstances. In this section, candidate’s ability to sort out the information, find out the hidden meanings between the lines, to identify implicit connotation and envisaging and surmising a particular situation, will be tested. Another objective of comprehension is to tests the candidate’s grasp over English language through a variety of questions.

The second and third section of this paper will examine the inter-personal communication proficiency and logical as well as analytical interpretation of a candidate.

Fourth section is related to the problem solving & decision-making ability of a person while solving a given problem. In this case, you have to justify the action taken. Herein, some organizational complexities can also be given to judge the decision making ability as it would happen in real life.

The sixth and seventh section comprises of the questions related to mental ability which were earlier part of the first paper of general studies. The seventh section is that of fundamental numeric problems which are related to tenth standard mathematics.

The last section of the second paper is that of data interpretation. In this section, a candidate has to interpret the data from the tabular format, charts or graphs and then answer a particular question. Some questions pertaining to data sufficiency are also given.

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