Information on Autism

Information on Autism

Information on Autism - Causes & Things To Know About AutismAutism is a disease, basically a developmental disability, which appears in the first 3 years of birth. In this disease, normal development of brain is affected and thus, a person does not have appropriate communication skills and cannot interact socially.

Autism has been categorized as a neurological disorder and is one of commonest pervasive developmental disorders. It has been studied that out of 250 births taking place, one suffers from autism.

In United States, there are more than 1.5 million people that are suffering from one form of autism or the other. Autism may be found in combination with several other types of disabilities.

This spectrum disorder affects individuals differently. No single cause has been given for development of autism. It is generally believed that this neurological disorder occurs due to certain abnormalities in the function or structure of brain.

If brain of children suffering from autism is compared with brain of normal children, lots of differences in shape and structure are found. It is still being studied if autism develops due to heredity or due to medical problems or due to genetic problems.

Some experts feel that due to some disorders during pregnancy, autism may occur. Similarly, viral infections, environmental factors, and imbalance in metabolism can also result in autism. This disorder may also occur due to exposure to certain harmful chemicals.

People who are continuously exposed to chemicals or who have certain medical conditions are more prone to autism. Some of the medical conditions that may give rise to this disorder include tuberous sclerosis, PKU or phenylketonuria, fragile X syndrome, rubella etc. One surprising aspect of autism that has been observed is that in boys, autism is four times more common, as compared to girls.

As far as the treatment of autism is concerned, there is no set cure, unlike other disorders. Autistic children cannot be identified or differentiated through a single symptom.

But there are certain educational approaches and treatments that may reduce the symptoms of the disorder and help a person in passing life comfortably. Disruptive behaviors can be decreased due to intervention and by developing self help skills in the patients.

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