Internet Addiction and Children

Internet Addiction and Children

Internet Addiction and Children - How to Prevent Internet Addiction - Harmful Effects of Internet - Internet Addiction » Ways to Prevent Internet Addiction in ChildrenIs your child an internet addict? While you might be pretty pleased by your child becoming tech savvy, you need to keep a watch at the thin line between awareness, knowledge and addiction.

Most of the children in today’s technical world have become literally obsessed and addicted to internet. This is not healthy for their emotional, as well as physical growth.

Well, the important question in every parents mind is that how do they find out whether their child is an internet addict. Also, with internet becoming a vast repository of important knowledge and information, how can they completely restrict its access to their children? After all, every parent wants their child to move with the growing time and not lag behind.

Well, first of all, you need to fix certain hours of internet access for the child. This will ensure that your child spends those limited time searching for relevant informative stuff.

Giving them unmonitored and endless freedom often makes them go astray. While there is no denying the fact that internet is helpful, it is also harmful. While surfing, your child might come across many sites that are not meant for them. Also, these days, many children are getting seduced and led astray by various chat and other sites.

Fixing internet time for the child will ensure that the child pays attention to his physical health too and does not become a couch potato. Additionally, you need to counsel the child, become his friend and make him aware of the various frauds and anti-social and amoral effect of internet so that your child is not led astray. Awareness is any day better than ignorance.

There are also certain child protection software programs available. Whatever be the mode you adopt, you need to prevent your child from becoming an internet addict so that he can lead a healthy and happy life.

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