Internet Addiction in Children & Its Signs

Internet Addiction in Children & Its Signs

Internet Addiction in Children & Its Signs - How To Prevent Internet Addiction » Internet Addiction in ChildrenComputers and internet are seen as means of assisting children in their studies and are a huge source of information. These days most children have access to internet on their personal computers. This has increased the risk of addiction to internet in children to alarming rates.

Internet addiction can be a cause of worry for parents. It can cause health problems of obesity, headache, backache, etc in children. Children’s physical activity is reduced and they become socially isolated. They communicate less with friends and family.

Children who spent time online sometimes become the target of pedophiles. With access to inappropriate sexual content and scams, children cultivate wrong habits. They develop addiction to internet gaming and spend money on services on the internet without parent’s consent.

Psychological experts have compiled a list of signs of internet addiction in children. You can observe your child’s behavior in context of these signs and identify the presence of internet addiction in them.

If your child uses internet as a means of escaping daily tensions and relieving a tensed mood, it is a warning signal. Another symptom is when your child loses track of time while being online or if your child sacrifices his sleep to spend time on the internet.

Children addicted to internet spend more time online than with family and friends and often lie about their nature of activities on the internet. Such children become irritable if not allowed to spend time online and lose interest in physical activities and play. They may form new relationships with strangers on social communities and chat with unknown people for long hours.

Such children also end up jeopardizing their personal and professional relationships and ruin their academics. If they are not allowed to spend time on internet, they suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression. They check their mails frequently and are eager to get back online while away from computer. They are disillusioned and find it difficult to differentiate between the real and the virtual world.

It is of utmost importance for parents to identify such symptoms in their children and take necessary actions to prevent internet addiction. Parents should set time limit son internet usage for their children. If the problem is getting too serious, it is advisable to consult a professional for guidance and help.

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