Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and Answers - Job Interview Questions and Answers - How to answer interview questions | Tips on - Find TipsExplain about the success you have had, in your previous job?

The answer should be apt and to the point. Here you can speak about the various measures you enforced in your company because of which the company had huge profits etc. You can explain it on both ends. How it helped the workers, how it helped the company.

What is your priority your home or company?

Always try to say that you like to have a balance between home and company. You would like to dedicate a lot of time to the company but at the same time, you do not like to neglect your family also.

What is your priority money or upcoming of the company?

You can always handle this question very tactically; say that if the project is going to earn some good amount of money which in turn helps the upcoming of the company then nothing like that. If he is particular to know whether it is money or company, always opt for company.

Have you done any mistakes in the career?

It could be a simple mistake that you have done in your career or a big one, make sure you have rectified this mistake. You should be able to tell that everyone does mistakes but rectifying it was important and explain the exact way you rectified it and say that because you rectified your mistake you are in this position today.

Do you have any blind spots?

Say that the minute I realized it was a blind spot I collected a lot of information about that and rectified it, so I do not think I have any blind spots. If you have any, it is always better to keep quiet without giving it up.

Would you be willing to relocate?

This question may make you get or loose the job. It is always better if you say a yes because when time comes for you to relocate you can always look for another job or relocate. But initially if you tell you are not ready to relocate, you can be sure, not to clear the interview.

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