Is Your Love Life Fading Away

Is Your Love Life Fading Away

Is Your Love Life Fading Away - How To Keep A Relationship Alive - Love Life Advice » Is your love life fading away?Hey people, is your love life fading away with each coming day? Well undoubtedly slowly and silently, the society is undergoing a big change and men, are at the receiving end.

You will be surprised to read out that men, who are not at par with women, are now promptly being shown the door.

Isn’t that bad news for all you guys? Certainly it is! You must have seen Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor who broke up with their boyfriends. And this trend is followed by Deepika Ponduke too after she slammed the door on her ex after entering the bollywood. More recently, Frieda Pinto has joined by dumping her beau rohan. so even if your love life seems going through same rough patch, it is indeed for you to take care of the health of your relationship to bring it back to high spirits.

Certainly you must be thinking that what leads to the doom of even strong relationship? girls and guys just always keep in mind that men and women tends to deal their relationship in to ways- one is by looking back and identifying with one’s roots and relationships and second by denying the relationships as people in the past do not fit into the new picture of success. there are two major reasons for this- either the woman begins to believe that the man no longer measures up to her expectations, or the man gets insecure and picky and tries to control the relationship. Keep in mind that men like women to look up to them. Also, most women tend to seek partners who, think, are capable of taking care of them. But women who still want to keep their relationship alive despite tasting success, and then they can be proactive and seek some professional advice for the health of their relationship.

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