It's Clear Now Why Lenny Kravitz Disappeared

It's Clear Now Why Lenny Kravitz Disappeared

In 2003, Kravitz launched Kravitz Design Inc. in New York City. Today, the company has accomplished tons in the design space including designing and furnishing private homes, condos, hotels, television shows and even a collaboration with CB2. "I grew up around people like Miles Davis, actors, and New York theater people who had great wardrobes and great homes," the rocker told Forbes of his design inspiration. "They were artists who knew how to create a vibe that's really interesting, welcoming, with lots of personality and expression. The early 1970s was a very expressive time in design, fashion, music, art — in everything. I think via osmosis this all happened. It wasn't something I was thinking about or looking for. I dug it and kind of took it all in."

He also said many of his designs come from his travels. "[Whether it's] architecture on the street or furniture from different countries, I'm always inspired by shapes and textures I see on the road," Kravitz said. "Walking around Paris, no matter how many years I've lived there—a door, a roof, a window, a column, there are always beautiful things to look at. I also love that whole Nordic area. I love Copenhagen. They have a great aesthetic in that area—very clean, great design. I'm a big fan of [Danish architect] Arne Jacobsen."


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