Jack Welch

Jack Welch

Jack Welch - Jack Welch Leadership - General Electric Ceo - Jack Welch Management » Jack WelchBusiness acumen and unique leadership capabilities are the most essential prerequisites that a business tycoon needs. Jack Welch had both of these and he remained as the undisputed leader of General Electric (CEO and Chairman) between 1981 and 2001. Being chemical engineers from Massachusetts and after completing PhD from University of Illinois, he had a strong inclination towards innovative business. He has redefined the business models and proposed solutions for better corporate management. Management gurus across the globe follow his basics to achieve business goals better.

Driven by intellect and his passion towards work had been extraordinary and still recalled by his fellow workers. He identified that persuading talented people for better business goal achievement is indeed essential. When he was with GE, the company’s growth was always reflected in the annual reports. There were several controversies regarding his management skills but the financial profits of the company and his process of spinning the business have proven the fact that he is an exceptional manager.

Jack believed that percolation of business ideas to all of the levels of a company and informal approach can be two key facts that make employees motivated. He wanted the employees of General Electric to have clear overview of the business process that the company follows. Jack shared his experiences and scripted down two books, “Straight from the Gut” and “Winning”.

Business acquisitions and mergers have been integral part of business expansion and Jack Welch never hesitated to acquire for the sake of GE’s growth. He had several health hazards, but with strong will power and his health never became a cause of absence from his duties. He has loved business throughout his life and Jack strongly patronizes management studies. He advises that a management degree for the aspiring entrepreneurs really helps. A reputed management and business school of the United States has been named after him.

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