James Bond Workout

James Bond Workout

James Bond Workout - Daniel craig physique - Workout schedule - Workout week » The James Bond WorkoutIf you are among the long list of men who have had to deal with girlfriends drooling over the latest James Bond’s trim and toned and still powerful body, stick around to get access to all of his fitness secrets and impress the ladies with Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale physique in just a few weeks.

Currently readying up for the release of his latest flick, titled ‘Quantum of Solace,’ Daniel Craig is slated to play another Bond mission game, which is more intense, and thus needed the more committed regime. As Craig revealed to British Press, “I needed to get as fit as I possibly could as though I was big and muscled last time, I was actually not as fit as I am now.”

To get the Bond charisma for yourself, ensure you get the following training basics right (Craig’s schedule stretched mostly from Mon-Fri on an intensity level, reducing to light on weekends): -

Keep Mondays for muscle-blaster workouts and concentrate on your chest, arms, shoulders, legs and other main muscle groups and do 10 repetitions of each exercise, like the clean and press, which requires a barbell move and a weighted knee raise; weighted step-ups, pull-ups, inclined push-ups and triceps dips. For the next day concentrate mainly on the chest and back with 4 sets of 10 reps of each exercise, like .the inclined bench press raised to 45 degrees, more pull-ups, (inclined pull-ups) and inclined Pectoral Fly sets to set the mood for more muscle-boosting moves on Wednesday. Daniel Craig’s mid-week workout regime concentrates mostly on the legs with 10 reps of each exercise with sets of 4; squats using barbells on the shoulder, straight leg dead lifts and hamstring curls (machine supported) besides weighted lunges.

His Thursday’s workout was dedicated to shoulder and arm building exercises with 10 reps each for incline bicep curls, tricep dips, lateral raises and shoulder presses with a power circuit routine followed the next day: the clean and press, weighted knee raise, weighted step-ups, pull-ups, inclined push-ups and triceps Dips conclude the week’s workout.

For the weekends, weights are out and leisurely paced cardio with some stretching is in – to get the 007-stud style body; try it to know the effects!

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