Japanese Home Decor Tips

Japanese Home Decor Tips

Japanese Home Decor Tips - Japanese Home Decor Ideas - Japanese Interior Decoration | Tips on - Find TipsAre you tired seeing the hackneyed home decor that fails to distinguish your home from your neighbor’s home? If you are thinking about changing the interior decoration of your house, consider adapting Japanese home decor ideas in your rooms. The Japanese home decor ideas, through proper use of color and design, focus on maintaining adequate flow of positive energy in the house. Japanese interior decoration emphasizes on simplicity.

In Japanese home decor, walls are colored with white, black and neutral shades. Black is used to highlight geometrical features on the wall. The aim of wall coloring in Japanese tradition is to bring an element of discipline in the room. This task is best performed by using neutral shades. If you want to focus on a particular feature of the wall, color it with a primary color. However, do not repeat this color elsewhere on the wall of the room.

If you are considering remodeling your house, you can use bamboo hardwood for making the flooring of your house. If large scale refurbishing is not possible, consider laying tatami or silk floor mats. The mat should be embroidered with kimono artworks. Cane or bamboo furniture is popular in traditional Japanese homes. You can use silk cushions with simple needlework. According to Japanese tradition to facilitate flow of Yin and Yang, the rooms should not be crammed with furniture. Popular materials used in Japanese home decoration are wickers, cedar, bamboo, stones, maple and rice paper.

Japanese interior decoration creates a focal point at the middle of the room. The movement in the room takes place around this point, with least obstruction. The focal point might be group of furniture to facilitate conversation. In traditional Japanese homes, you will find a shrine, a portable fireplace, known as hibachi or a dry garden forming the focal point of the room.

In Japanese homes, a recess in the wall is used for displaying objects. By arranging odd number of objects in the alcove, a natural or organic atmosphere is created in the room. When you display an even number of objects, the arrangements create an orderly environment in the room.

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