Jealous Of Your Lovers

Jealous Of Your Lovers

Jealous Of Your Lovers - Jealous Of Lovers - Millions Of Reasons For Feeling Jealous - How To Make Your Lover Jealous » Are you jealous of your lover’s friends? Read onJealous is a common feeling experienced in relationships. When you first meet a date, he or she is a stranger and what he or she does outside doesn’t matter much. But when your relation with that person grows, you want that person exclusively for yourself. But this is not practically this is not what really happens. Mind it, that every relationship needs space factor in-between.

Often, it is the lack of trust that leads to feelings of fear, which in turn lead to insecurity and jealousy. It leaves a person feeling vulnerable and frustrated. At times, the intensity of the connection is too strong. Just on seeing your partner with any one else or even their friend, you come into potential threat of being jealous. There are millions of reasons for feeling jealous of your lover’s friends, some of then are written below, just read on!

You may feel insecure about your self-worth at times, some part of your inner self feels that you just don’t measure up. Because you do not love yourself, you can’t believe that others would also love you, which makes you to live in a fear that maybe your partner will leave you one day.

It may be possible that you and your partner have not been able to establish and figure out the safest boundaries within the relationship to reinforce your own tight bonds.

It may possible that your partner is cheating on you that make you feel jealous. But this cheating necessarily does not mean an outside sex relationship. It can be an emotional bonding with somebody else that may be robbing off a sense of intimacy from your relationship and making you vulnerable. So it is best to sit down and set boundaries in your relationship.

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