Jeans - Perfect Jeans - Perfect Fit Jeans - Selecting a Jean that Suits you | Tips on - Find TipsSelecting the right pair of jeans has always been a mystery for many. Many people are ready to spend good money in order to buy the best brand of expensive jeans. But they do not have the adequate know-how to select the right pair of jeans that suits them. While visiting shops, we find jeans and other clothes that have been put up on mannequins and they look just perfect on them. But the same pair of jeans does not look so perfect on you.

You need to look for the right size of jeans in order to find the perfect fitting jeans for yourself. Some time and energy needs to be spent in order to find the right size that will fit you perfectly and make you look good. The waist and hip size should be known in advance in order to determine the size of the jeans. Many people make the mistake of buying jeans that is one size smaller than their actual size. They feel it makes them look slimmer. But the reality is that jeans that are smaller make you totally uncomfortable.

The jeans should also have the right cut apart from the right size. The curve that extends from the thigh to the leg should be checked up. It is extremely essential to try the jeans once before purchasing them. Jeans should always be a comfort fit and not a tight fit. You should be able to sit and walk around in those jeans comfortably.

Only certain stores sell the right brand of jeans. It is always best to consult colleagues and friends at work before going out to buy your jeans. Your friends could tell you about good jeans that are available at a store close by and this saves you the time that you would spend visiting a shopping mall. Sometimes even small shops can have the right brand of jeans that will look perfect on you. The big showroom at the mall may not contain what you really need.

Jeans should also be selected depending on your age. You many want to look ten years younger, but lack of exercise and proper diet control may not let you do so. Your jeans should also complement your personality. They should make you look stylish. You can even buy belts and handbags that look good with your jeans.

It always best to buy two pairs of jeans that suit you. They can be in two different colors but can have the same size and cut. Jeans can be worn when you go to work and also when you want to go and meet your friends. They can be worn with flat shoes as well as heels. But torn and faded jeans cannot be worn to work.

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