Jewellery For Men

Jewellery For Men

Jewellery For Men - Diamond earring stud - Mobile phone charms - Classic pocket watch » Jewellery For MenWhen men’s jewellery is mentioned, most women sigh or feign disinterest in what they clearly perceive as an intrusion into a feminine domain, but when worn with panache and after picking the right accessories for the occasion and the individual’s personality, pieces of men’s jewellery can add a lot of life – and funk factor – to a man’s wardrobe.

To know the basics of men’s jewellery, it is important to under-dress with one or two key accessories instead of going the whole hog in a bid to impress the women: for example, if you are opting for a fashionable pair of cuff-links with the business suit, do away with the diamond ear-stud (keep it for the week-end soirees or pub-hopping plan, which will need you to show off your wild side with a bit of élan!). Or, add on a tiepin to keep your silk neck binder from flapping in the wind or tasting your soup at a corporate luncheon besides ensuring it maintains the arch of the tie, giving you a cool,
Suave look.

With Swarovski entering Indian stores and Asia-wide operations, men in the sub-continental sectors can hope to invest in quality baubles for lapel pins, mobile phone charms or bracelets with understated, masculine elegant lines and a hint of sparkle on gold or silver settings to add some irreverence to their otherwise highbrow wardrobes.

Other than the above men’s jewellery pieces, there are various options like neck-bands, lockets, rings and belt clasps, all of which can be customized along with wallet-studs for the man about town, with wristwatches and pocket-watches making a comeback with classic styles being reinvented for the modern man. So, while the designer wristwatch can help you make a style statement during office hours, you can always opt for granddad’s newly polished pocket-watch on a chain for dinner dates that are black-tie affairs to sweep your woman off her feet with old-world charm.

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