JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

Sometimes a New Years Resolution isn’t enough to leave last years baggage behind and start afresh in January. Now more and more everyday people are turning to Spiritual Cleansing to shake off any negativies from the past 12 months and so I turned to Hollywood’s leading Spiritual Cleanser, Robert H Lbarra to find out more!

We all get that feeling at some point in our life, that no matter how hard we try and push for something to happen, it just won’t work, or we will have an inexplicable run of bad luck while other around us will frustratingly be going from strength to strength with minimal effort. Well this is not so unusual to Robert H. Ibarra, who runs Jinx No More – The Good Luck Store in North Hollywood. He has been dealing with hundreds of cases for years and it’s all very simple and clear to him. We, as humans, can get dogged down by negative energy others throw at us in life, be it through jealousy, envy or even malicious hate and wishes of revenge. This negative energy, or entity can get stronger and attract other like until no matter how positive you try to be you will always find yourself hitting a brick wall or just falling short of success in your career or love love. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we’ve all been there – but up until now the majority of us didn’t know there was something we could do about it.

JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

Amongst the Good Luck oils and Success Candles on offer at Jinx No More, Robert offers Oracle and Tarot readings as well as Spiritual Cleanses. It was actually through a friend that I found out about Robert and she features in a video on his website having a Spiritual Cleansing - you can check it out yourself at the store’s YouTube channel JinxNoMore7. It was very intriguing, there was lots of chanting (it was rather musical and nice actually) smoke being blown in her face and, ah yes, a ring of fire which was lit around her. Now, I’ve grown up visiting healers and mediums and being open minded to alternative medecine and remedies but had my friend not been the one in the video telling me what an amazing experience it actually was, I probably, like most, would have been a too little freaked out by it all to try it for myself. Luckily I listened to her and decided to try it out - Lord knows, I felt like I needed one. I’d found myself hitting block after block for months with all my projects, I’ve always said if anyone else had tried half the things I had they would be a millionaire by now, so I’ve felt there has been something standing in my way for a long time. And I was intrigued to find out if a Spiritual Cleanse might be able to pin the sucker down and banish it for good!

The first thing that struck me about Robert when I entered Jinx No More one sunny Hollywood day, is how charmingly down to earth and lovely he is. He didn’t float into the room in a trance, he is just a regular guy who puts you at ease immediately, incredibly friendly and warm, you know from the get-go he is a good egg and someone to trust. We had a bit of a chat about why I felt I needed a cleansing then I got changed into some light coloured clothing (no dark underwear allowed) and went into the main room. Yes it was slightly surreal, with wooden African masks and offerings at an alter, candles burning and a cirlce of chalk drawn on the floor – but I trusted Robert and felt if this was going to work I was going to have to put any reservations aside and just go with it.

JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

Over the next 30 minutes or so I felt like I was in a documentary where the TV host becomes the subject of a tribal ritual, I wholeheartedly wanted to take it seriously but yes there were moments when I just needed to laugh – and best of all Robert totally got it and reassured me it was fine, everyone reacts differently and it’s all perfectly OK! But even I was stupefied into a dumbfounded silence when he lit a circle of fire around me and asked me to step out – as I watched from the corner of the room the flames got bigger then they split off and swirled, the best way I can describe it would be as mini flame cyclones, then they would tail off and disappear. Each swirling flame, Robert explained, was a negative energy or entity that had been put on me through jealousy from others. Suddenly I was overcome with emotion and wanted to cry – so this is what had been dogging me? It was shocking to actually see it. And then it was all over.

I have to admit, I was a little unnerved by the thought of so much bad feeling having been attached to me but in my line of work, as a performer now in Hollywood it’s no wonder it’s thrown up jealousy in some form. In fact this made me question how major celebrities deal with the inevitable envy from millions of people and that’s when Robert revealed he actually deals with a lot of stars in Hollywood for that very reason. Of course he couldn’t possibly name names but I found it fascinating that the Hollywoood elite and Beverly Hills folk were secretly coming here to rid themselves of their negative energy!

With regards to my own cleansing Robert warned me that everyone is different and I may need a second appointment - he has dealt with some very extreme cases where people have actually had proper jinks and voodoo done on them to their detriment by jealous lovers and colleagues which has resulted in them losing their homes and jobs. But as Robert says “It’s easier to cleanse spiritual negativity than to cure a spiritual illness.”

Now my case is nowhere near as dramatic as some that he’s dealt with but he said I should wake up feeling hopeful and light the next morning, if not to come straight back. The following day I felt inexplicably low, and though I didn’t feel awful or anything, it wasn’t the joyful feelings of hope I was expecting, and so I headed back to Jinx No More on New Years Eve – a very popular time to have a cleansing it turned out.

JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year » JINX NO MORE: The Hollywood Way to Start the New Year

This time when I stood in the circle chalked on the floor, Robert lit a flame by my feet that exploded with a poof of smoke – yes I screamed and burst out laughing, well I wasn’t expecting it! But the second time he did it something amazing happened; as the cloud of smoke rose up and over my head I swear I felt something lift off me and I suddenly became lightheaded, my giggling stopped! He did this another 2 times then lit the ring of flames around me and I jumped out and straight into the next room feeling physically lighter. As Robert joined me he smiled knowingly, “You feel happier already don’t you?” And I just wanted to smile. I left on New Years Eve practically flaoting out of the store, now I understand the phrases “Walking on air” and “a weight being lifted off my shoulders.” I felt so happy and hopefull and full of postivity for the new year, I felt amazing!

Now I went into this believing, but not really knowing what to expect in terms of results and I can honestly say I feel “clean” as Robert put it! Like my slate of “bad luck” or whatever you chose to call it has been wiped clean and now whatever I try, I stand an honest and fair chance at getting the success my efforts deserve. Before it was like trying to run a race with a ball and chain attached to my ankles, now it just feels like I can run the race unshackled.

You can visit the YouTube Channel: JinxNoMore7 to view a video of Robert performing a Spiritual Cleansing. Visit JINX NO MORE – THE GOOD LUCK STORE at 10812 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 or call 818.299.4794. to make an appointment. [email protected] yahoo.com Visit online for more information about everything featured in this article at www. jinxnomore (.net)


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