Kitchen Remedies For Arms

Kitchen Remedies For Arms

Kitchen Remedies For Arms - Beauty Remedies - Kitchen Remedies for Beauty Treatment | Tips on - Find TipsTaking care of your body and making yourself feel envy about it is a gargantuan mission. Purchasing costly beauty products from the market and getting expected results increases your problems. Arms have also remained an area which has been neglected the most in course of a beauty treatment. Here are some of the beauty remedies that can be prepared by using simple ingredients from your own kitchen. These kitchen remedies will provide your long-term results in beautifying your arms.

DIFFICULTY: If there’s stiff skin or dark skin either on elbow or on knuckles.

REMEDY: Mix up two teaspoon of juice of lemon with two to three spoons of sugar along with half spoon of glycerine. Cut a piece of lemon into half piece and immerse that piece in the above prepared solution, after that massage it on the elbows. Leave it for five to ten minutes. Clean it and replicate the process for five days.

NOTE: The juice of lemon will act as innate herbal bleach whereas sugar will effectively do the work of a scrubber.

DIFFICULTY: Rough or patchy skin.

REMEDY: Take plenty of rice and grind it. Its powder should be such that it can be measured in four teaspoon. Take four teaspoons of residue of orange skin along with equal amount of powder of lemon skin. Add to it two spoons of multani mitti (fuller earth soil). Make a thick paste by adding milk to the mixture. Apply the paste to the affected area, leave it for a while. When it has dried, stroke it with milk and clean it.

NOTE: Never clean the pack without drenching it with milk because it will only elongate your skin.

DIFFICULTY: Murky under Arms.

REMEDY: Blend two teaspoon of crushed powder of rice with proportionate amount of almond, sandalwood residue using milk. Exfoliate the underarms with the solution and rinse it off with gentle soap.

NOTE: Almonds as well as sandalwoods are effective lightening means of the skin.

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