Lana Really Shines In This TATB: Always And Forever Scene

Lana Really Shines In This TATB: Always And Forever Scene

Throughout the To All the Boys film series, Lana Condor has always been a master at using her eyes and expressions to add texture to Lara Jean's dialogue. We've watched her face quietly reflect her feelings of heartbreak, triumph, confusion, and sheer joy even when she didn't say a word. And in this scene, as she takes in the sights and sounds of New York City with Christine (Madeleine Arthur), we can read a lot about what she's thinking just by watching her facial reactions to this whole new world.

Her expressions are sometimes similar to what we see of her during the earlier family trip to Korea. In both places, there is an innate familiarity to the locale that makes it feel like an instant home away from home. Only this time, in New York, it's about more than just her family's connection to the place or the opportunity to try all the foods and excursions; Lara Jean also clearly sees pieces of her own individual interests mirrored in the passersby, like the woman on the subway reading Pride and Prejudice with a pastry and a pair of sneakers. Lara Jean also seems to appreciate the possibility of the place, relishing the sight of people playing their games and instruments in public just because they can.

Condor has always portrayed Lara Jean as a contemplative soul, and that proves to be especially effective as she soaks everything in throughout the city and considers her potential place as a member of this thrilling community.


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