Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening - Skin Tightening - Non Surgical Facelift - How to Look Younger - Non-Surgical Laser Skin Tightening | Tips on - Find TipsWhen we are young, it seems as if our tight, smooth skin will last forever. But all too soon, age and sun damage cause our dermis to begin to sag, wrinkle, and lose its firmness. Thanks to a huge market, and rapidly evolving technology, we have a lot of options today to help us retain (or regain) our youthful appearance. These “skin-tightening” procedures vary from non-surgical to very invasive, with attendant costs and risks involved. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Non-Surgical Options

Two popular non-surgical options are the Titan Facelift and Skin Tyte. These methods work very similarly. During the process, infrared light is used to heat the deepest layers of skin, causing the collagen to contract. The outer skin is protected during the procedure by an advanced cooling method used at the same time. The procedure creates new collagen growth which causes the skin to tighten. This process takes time, and the results of the lift will not be apparent for 3-6 months after the procedure. The procedure can be used anywhere on the body, has minimal risk of “dimpling” or damage to skin pigment, and post-procedure redness and swelling lasts only a few hours. These procedures are effective for wrinkles, loose, or drooping skin.

These procedures may not be appropriate for pregnant women, people with autoimmune disorders or connective tissue disease. They also may not be recommended for people with severe acne or sun tanned skin.

The Aluma procedure is a non-surgical procedure usually performed in a series of treatments, one per week, for six weeks. The treatment consists of using radio frequency waves to break down collagen under the skin, which leads to new growth. The procedure uses a hand piece that suctions the skin without damaging the skin surface. The procedure is generally used on the face, belly, arms and knees. The results are temporary.

Refirme combines bi-polar radio frequency and light energy technology to stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure is non-surgical, and has virtually no side effects. The results: removal of fine lines, skin smoothing and becoming firmer, are visible with the first treatment.

Surgical Options

Threadlift is a traditional cosmetic surgery. During the procedure, a surgeon inserts threads into your skin, tightens them, and anchors them under the surface. This results in tighter skin, less wrinkles, and minimized fine lines. This is a great option for people who want a lift in their lower face area, brow, or mid-face. It’s not a good choice for those who need a severe lift, or obese individuals. The surgery will result in brusing and swelling, which will subside in about a week. The results will be visible immediately.

Fraxel is a less invasive surgical procedure. During this procedure, the skin is numbed with a topical cream, and a laser is used to treat the skin, both top layer and underneath. This results in new collagen growth which results in lovelier, younger-looking skin. The procedure only takes about ½ hour. Fraxel is recommended for sun damaged and aging skin, and used primarily on the neck, chest and hands. There are three levels of treatment available depending on how badly the skin is damaged. Recovery time is very quick, side effects are minimal, and the treatment is very effective for long-term damage.

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