Layered Clothing

Layered Clothing

Layered Clothing - How to Layer Clothes - How to Wear Layered Clothing - Tips for Layering Clothes » The Advantages Of Wearing LayersLayering of clothes is one way to create a new look for your self and has been quite popular for some time now. A simple addition of a garment along with another can go along way in changing the look of your entire outfit.

It gives you the creative ability of mixing and matching all your clothes by which you can look different every single time. It is a great way to keep your style and confidence up.

To help you with your planning of wearing layered outfits here are steps to keep in mind. This will give you a whole new look and consequently a new outlook to life.

Do always remember to have the ability to peel back layers. This is really to prevent you from causing fashion blunders that may occur when putting together heavier and softer garments or for that matter combining darker and lighter outfits.

If you want to pull off that modern look these thing are very important to understand. So remember these tips next winter, when you decide to use the layered look in trying to pull something together for an event.

Never, as a rule, try layering multiple patterns. It really is a big no-no in the field of layering. It just does not work. So keep a safe distance from it. The tendency to do so is extremely inviting in our efforts to create something splashy, but unless you really do have a very sharp eye for fashion then, like I said, stay clear from doing large patterned layering.

One always wants a balance when wearing an outfit or else you might just create a seizure-inducing look for an onlooker.

Let me suggest that you try mixing, lets say, a lightly patterned off-white button-up along with a heavily patterned pullover which has similar colours. Now, that should create a great effect.

Mixing may be considered an art in its own right, but till you get it right your self the best idea may be to use a ratio of 1:1. This simply means have one garment in a solid colour and one in a pattern.

Complementary colours are very important when layering clothes. Never underestimate its capacity to stand out as a stunner outfit. When you do so, again it is very important to get the balance correct.

Try this out if you wish a blue sweater over a button-up shirt that has hints of blue. This brings out the minor colour in the lower layer there by integrating the two successfully.

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