Laying Off Employees

Laying Off Employees

Laying Off Employees - Dealing With A Lay Off » Laying Off EmployeesLayoffs have become the order of the day. More and more companies are laying off people as a global depression hits the financial world. Glaxo Smith-Kline, Barclays and even the giant Citi has announced job cuts as it tries to down size. Every where one looks these days jobs are being lost. China the financial giant has an estimated 20 million jobs lost due to the financial melt down. To have to sit in the drivers seat and be the one to initiate and inform people that they are being made redundant demands special skills and insight of this difficult problem.

Letting go of employees is never a pleasing task. However, as the person in charge its one you must know how to handle. Given the fact that it will affect a lot of individuals, which means it will affect their livelihoods one need to be as sensitive as possible when havening to take such unpleasant tasks. Consider the following when you under take such action.

In the build up to any lay off you really need to study and check what the legal frame work is for you to be able to do such a thing. This is a task easier said then done if you do not have labor laws on your own finger tips. You have to insure you are following the book to the last full stop. Any failure on your part will result in a barrage of law suits against you and the organization. So under no circumstances undermine the importance of such a thing. Yes, the buzz words are all about downsizing, but that does not mean any one can just shut the door in someone’s face as an employer.

Once you have got all you need to with regards to the legal requirements of the case for a layoff, act promptly. It is surprising how word of these things float in office complexes. We all knows what’s leaks are.

Even the likes of a President (President Nixon) are pray to them. Offices are a complex web of relations so hopefully your department is relatively less leak prone, but that’s a matter of another debate. Point to be taken is that get your act together once you have been given the green light from the CEO. Act fast, ground your self on the legal foundations and inform the unfortunate individuals without hesitation.

Remember its real lives you are dealing with, put your self in their shoes and be secretive at the very core. Be very precise about every detail with regards to severance pay. Please have the grace and patience, with those who wish to known ‘WHY’?

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