Learn to Conquer your Anger

Learn to Conquer your Anger

Learn to Conquer your Anger - Ways to Control Anger - Medicines to Control Anger - Ways to Divert Mind | Tips on - Find TipsAnger is one of the most devastating weapons of our lives. Though, it is a natural emotion but it is can be dangerous if you do not pull the reign on time. It can have adverse effect on your personal as well as professional relations. Thus, it is extremely essential that you control your emotions and restrict your behavior when you are angry. Unrestricted anger can cause huge damage to life by ruining the trust, beauty and color of your relationships. Therefore, it is destructive and fatal.

Thus, it is extremely essential that you should know the right medicines to control your fits of anger. Some important measures you can always adapt to control your anger are enlisted below.

Short Term Management Skills

When you are angry suddenly, the best thing you can do is start counting back, 100, 99, 98…etc. This is a very good remedy as it diverts your mind. You can also apply other diversion strategies like listening to your favorite music, chanting spiritual words, thinking of your favorite topic, etc.

Another good option is to go on a short walk alone in order to analyze the situation by asking some questions to you. You can also tackle your mood by taking a quick shower or sprinkling some water on your face. This helps to cool down easily. Take one long and deep breath and you will surely feel less stressed in such situations.

The best possible way is to avoid the situation or topic, which can give rise to such moments. However, if the moment has been already aroused you can always retain a smile on your face and behave a little silly to avoid the worst situation from resulting.

Long Term Management Skills

In order to keep your cool it is extremely necessary to stay healthy. You should exercise and meditate on a regular basis to keep your mind at peace. Plan your diet carefully. Gorge on vegetarian meal more compared to non-vegetarian as this will help you to keep your body and mind cool and composed. You should drink at least two glasses of water every morning, in empty stomach to keep your bowels under control. Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Avoid junk foods. Take ample rest daily.

Make friends and be social. Try to confide your feelings to the ones you trust. Do not grumble within yourself, as the outburst will be devastating. Always speak out your mind and practice to choose the right words. Think and practice positive attitude. Always avoid criticisms and try not to be too judgmental.

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