Learn to Say "No"

Learn to Say "No"

Learn to Say "No" - Benefits of Saying "No" - How to Say "No" to Your Boss | Tips on - Find TipsIt is not possible to please each every person on earth. It is very natural that in order to fulfill one purpose you might have to let go of the other. Thus, it means saying “NO” to someone. This point states it very clearly it not possible to say yes to everyone in this world and be a good person with all. However, you should know the right way to say “NO” to the right person. Saying to “No” to your boss for a working overtime should be more tactful than saying to your wife for an evening out.

Today with such hectic schedule, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone’s desire and whims. Thus, you should learn to “no” to the unimportant matters in your life. This will

When you say “No” to someone, remember to state your point clearly. Be polite but firm. Say in clear words that you cannot accommodate their request within your busy schedule and it is just impossible. Avoid being rude as that might have a future impact. Even if you feel it is not clear to the person and he keeps pestering you than it is unfair on his part and you cannot help but just say a clear “no” again.

If you think you are being pressurized unnecessarily, you do not need to give any explanation or state any apology to the concerned person. However, if you feel the situation demands you can give also give them an explanation as to why you are saying no to their proposal. This might help them understand the situation.

However if you think that your denial can cause some serious problems to the opposite group and you want to give it a chance yourself, tell them you will think about it and get back to hem in time. However, do not show them high chances. Try to weigh the cost, benefit to the situation, and see if it is worth enough to be fitted within your busy schedule and then decide upon your answer.

However, at times especially in your personal it good to say yes to certain things you feel is not really necessary as it may give some extra pleasure to some of the most priced relations in your life.

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