Leonardo Dicaprio The titanic success

Leonardo Dicaprio The titanic success

Leonardo Dicaprio The titanic success - Leonardo dicaprio biography - Leonardo dicaprio filmography - Leonardo dicaprio movies » Leonardo Dicaprio-The titanic successThe man who has won hearts of millions across the globe with one film is the titanic man, Leonardo Dicaprio. With the sinking ship his sinking career gathered huge momentum and he never looked back after the release of Titanic. Leonardo is born on 11th November 1974. He was born in Los Angeles and is American by nationality. Though his parents got separated after his birth but he kept contact with both of them and they are important part of his life. He started with acting career at a very young age on a small screen. Soon he was rejected in few occasions and he was totally depressed at that time due to failures.

Few agents suggested him for a name change but his name was given by his mother as she felt her baby kicking her standing in front of Leonardo DaVinci painting. Soon he got another agent to start his acting career. By the time he has started appearing in the television shows and soap operas he was a having lot of experiences to write on his resume.

He started his film career with the film This Boy’s life in 1993. His marvelous acting talent and expressions soon made him a notable figure. The key factor which made him very famous and successful in his acting career is his dedication and involvement in the role or the characters he portrays in the films. Even sometimes he changes his manners and habits for a considerable amount of time to fit in to the role before playing.

Leonardo’s film roles in The Quick and the Dead, The Basketball Diaries and Total Eclipse, were not successful in box office and so he took the decision to get involve in to more commercial and mainstream roles. During this time he played in Romeo and Juliet n MTV.

After all these came the Marvin’s Room and then the huge hit Titanic which made him superstar.
Then the films named Catch Me If You Can (2002) and The Aviator (2004) though were not successful in box office but his acting capabilities were always appreciated among the viewers across the world. He won two Golden Globe nominations for his excellent piece of work in the field of cinema and entertainment.

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