Licking Vagina

Licking Vagina

Licking Vagina - Use Sex Toys - How to Satisfy Her - Lovemaking Tips - How to Make a Woman Orgasm » How to satisfy her when you have peaked?When you have already had your orgasm, you get perfect relaxation. But it is not the time to fall asleep because she might wait for the favor to be returned.

She may want to feel as good as felt by you so it is not the right time to get selfish. Here are some useful tips that can help you to please and satisfy her when you have peaked.

With use of finger: Licking the vagina and using finger to stimulate clitoris is considered to be a smart move. By this wonderful way you can satisfy her even after your peak.

She might be closer to orgasm if you are appropriate in lovemaking. Do it for a few minutes. When you do not want to do oral sex, then hold her from behind by smooching, gently reach near clitoris and massage it while pushing her hard from behind.

With use of sex toys: When you have peaked, then you can satisfy her with sex toys like vibrator and penis ring. It is a good practice to put them under the mattress or at your bedside so that within few seconds you can whip them out.

Vibrator is to be used on clitoris and in circular motion. On listening emanating sounds from her lips you should repeat the same motion. Another sex toy for this purpose is penis ring. It helps to awake your penis for longer duration that will continue the process of lovemaking a bit.

Dedicate the precious time: It is seen that when you have peaked, still penis strangely remains hard for some time. You should dedicate this precious time to gain her orgasm.

When you have ejaculated, wait for thirty seconds; then quickly change the condom and plunge your penis inside her vagina. If she is close towards orgasm, then continue stroking until she is finished.

Watch some porn together: When you want to get back your erection then watch some porn together, then have sex, because it is a great way to make her satisfied when you have peaked. You can rub her thigh while watching porn movie until you get your erection to perform and finish with her orgasm.

You can convince her also: You can convince her that you would like to stimulate her and this is also an opportunity for you to see how she likes being stimulated. Being masturbated will show how hard and fast she would like your touch.

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