Light Decoration

Light Decoration

Light Decoration - Home lighting - Retail Spaces Lighting - Office Lighting | Tips on - Find TipsLight allows us to see space and structure. It makes architecture, people, objects and materials in it, visible. More importantly, light determines the way we perceive our environment. It influences our moods and creates an aesthetic effect building an emotional atmosphere in the room. Hence, lighting design must start with the essentials that define a room such as walls, floor, ceiling and openings.

Right light can emphasize the shape and character of the architecture and provide a background for the objects illuminated in the space thus making light the fourth dimension of architecture. The sensory quality of light makes lighting a whole tricky affair since it has the ability to govern your moods and feelings. Hence, while designing with light, it is important that you choose your luminaries not merely on good looks but also keeping in mind form and function.

Lighting Residences
A healthy alchemy of function, comfort and aesthetics must dictate your purchase decision while choosing luminaries for your residence. Whatever interior scheme you follow, right kind of lighting should be a must. The technical products while providing the right light remains invisible or discreet while the decorative products become a design feature in the architecture. The possibilities are many from pendants shaped like an artichoke or table lamp. The more discreet the light source, the more dramatic the effect.

Lighting Office Spaces
In today’s fast moving market place, successful companies must invest in innovative design to attract and retain an increasingly valuable and demanding workforce. High quality luminaries provide more comfortable ambience while consuming less energy and being more durable and eco friendly. Lighting has also been an effective marketing tool in conveying the brand image of a company, to the outside world. Hence, it is important that the zones like reception areas, corridors and conference rooms use lighting tools that reflects the corporate philosophy of the brand.

Lighting Retail Spaces
Retail has come to be more challenging than ever before with increasing number of national and international brands flooding in the market, it has become increasingly important to stand out in the crowd. In a retail context light has a very large role to play, right from attracting potential customer with attractive window displays and even channelizing the sales area through product highlights.

The innovations in lighting and lighting design can open up many creative possibilities across spaces, understanding the effect and using it befitting to the purpose is the most important aspect architecturally. While you design your dream space don’t forget to factor in the magic ingredient – the light.

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