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Lips Take Care

Lips Take Care - Lip Care Tips - How To Take Care of Lips - Smooth Lips - Take Care of Your Lips This Winter » Tips to take care of your lipsDo you also fall under the list of those people who are clueless about how they can take care of their lips? Well always remember that here is no point having a flawless skin or shining hair if your lips are chapped or cracked. Taking care of lips is not a very difficult task, just go through the following tips to have soft, supple lips 24*7.

Lips neither have any oil glands nor do they possess any kind of protective layer to protect it from outside cold, wind or dryness in atmosphere. Moreover, more than the weather forces, pollutants affect your lips in a more harmful way. Licking your lips to moisturize them too worsens the situation because by licking you speeded up the natural evaporation process. So, to keep your lips smooth, siky, hydrated and kissable, remove any kind of flake of dry skin using a wet toothbrush. Later you can moisturize your lips using a lip bam.

Lips also do not have any melanin to protect them from UV rays of sun. So, they become vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. It is very important to protect your lips in summer season. Pick up any lip balm having SPF of at least 15 from the market and apply on your lips to protect it from outside damage.

Today market is flooded with large number of lip accessories as much emphasis is laid on lip decoration these days. but before buying any such products like stick-on crystals, zircons and stay-on glitters, make sure you go through their positive and negatives effects. Make sure the glue used in these items are safe and sterilized before you apply them on your lips otherwise it can prove to be quite dangerous for the lips.

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