Lipstick Tips

Lipstick Tips

Lipstick Tips - How to Find the Right Shade of Lipstick - How To Get your Lipstick to Last Longer - How to Give your Lips a Nice Base - How to Make the Most Out of your Lipstick | Tips on - Find TipsWhen it comes to lipstick, trying to find the right shade or knowing when to throw it away can get a little tough. To get your lipstick to last longer, you can store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. Also, to get it to last longer without wearing off, use a lipstick pencil on your lips first. This will give your lips a nice base and help your lipstick to last longer.

If you are out shopping, it is a big mistake to use a tester lipstick on your lips. Always test this on your finger tips and not on the back of your hand. The reason for this is your fingertips are closer to the skin on your lips than the back of your hand.

Pencils and lip liners are great when you are looking for definition to your lips. But, if you want more of a softer look, then you should skip the pencil and lip liner. But, applying pencil liner before applying your lipstick or gloss will keep it from feathering. If you have a problem with your lipstick sticking to your teeth, you can use your index finger to remove the excess. Simply run it along the middle of your lip.

If you have an emergency with your blush, your lipstick can double as your blush. Getting the right shade of your lipstick can also sometimes be difficult. Even though you check the color before you buy it, it may not be the color that you want when you get it home. If it is too light, color your lips with pencil that is darker first. You can also use a darker lip gloss over your lipstick.

Also, if you are over 50 a cream lipstick usually looks better. Gloss and matte or more dry. A cream lipstick will provide more moisture for your lips. With the help of these tips and tricks, your lips will look healthy and beautiful. Get those pouty all day kissable lips that you have always wanted. Make the most out of your lipstick and out of your look.

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