Liver Damage Causes

Liver Damage Causes

Liver Damage Causes - How To Prevent Liver Damage - Causes Of Liver Cancer » Causes of Liver DamageTo live a happy life, you need a healthy body and a sound mind. This in turn demands freeing yourself from various ailments that might hamper your smooth living. We all have heard about liver damage and the first cause which comes to our mind is excessive alcohol intake. While there is no denying the fact that alcohol plays a major role in damaging one’s liver, there are also other factors which can lead to liver damage. Given below are such causes which one should be aware of so as to prevent liver damage.

While the most common cause is alcohol intake which slowly eats away the health of your liver leading to overall disintegration of health. Smoking is another factor as the toxins produced by the smoke are extremely taxing to the liver. Consuming too many medications, birth control pills and steroids can also affect the health of your liver. Consumption of junk food is also linked with liver damage and one should strictly avoid cooking food in hydrogenated fats. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil and too much of fried and spicy food does no good to your liver. Similarly, following an unhealthy lifestyle of sleeping late and waking late; skipping breakfasts; not urinating in the morning; and even overeating can have an adverse affect on your liver.

Consuming too many preservatives, additives, food colors, and artificial sweeteners can further add to the problem. Moreover, it has also been found that consuming raw and overly done foods can add to the burden of your liver. There are also some diseases of the liver which lead to gradual liver damage and even cirrhosis. These include autoimmune hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cancer of the liver, gallstones and others. While disease is something which is not entirely in our control, we can definitely adopt a much healthier lifestyle to avoid liver damage for a healthy sustenance.

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