Liver Enlargement

Liver Enlargement

Liver Enlargement - Causes Of Liver Enlargement - Remedy For Liver Enlargement » Causes of Liver EnlargementMedically termed as hepatomegaly, liver enlargement is a common disorder many people complain of. There are various factors that can make your liver enlarged. Read below and find out about some of the common causes of liver enlargement.

Usually, when fat gets deposited in the liver, it leads to liver enlargement. Thus, leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping a check on your weight helps in preventing various medical problems, including that of enlarged liver.

If you are in the habit of drinking alcohol, then this can have an adverse affect on your liver. It has been found that people who consume excessive alcohol are at a higher risk of suffering from the problem of liver enlargement. Jaundice and malaria are other medical problems that can cause an increase in the size of your liver.

Infections in the liver like Hepatitis A, B, or C are also responsible for causing an enlarged liver. In addition, medical problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, blood disorders, and leukemia can also lead to the problem of liver enlargement.

Iron is extremely important for your body’s healthy functioning. However, there are times when excessive amount of iron in the body causes problems like that of liver enlargement. This is because when there is excessive iron in the body, organs like heart and liver tend to absorb this extra iron which in turn causes the liver to enlarge.

An enlarged liver can also be an indication of some underlying medical problem. Usually, an enlarged liver can be an indication of leukemia and even liver cancer.

People who suffer from liver enlargement often complain of discomfort and pain in the abdomen region. This is because when a liver enlarges, it puts pressure on the surrounding organs and thus leads to heaviness and pain in the abdominal region.

The best way to deal with an enlarged liver is to diagnose the problem’s underlying cause. You should avoid excessive intake of alcohol and should have a healthy and a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Similarly, if the enlargement of your liver is due to hepatitis, leukemia, or some other problem, then you must take the necessary remedial steps.

Understand the above given causes of liver enlargement and follow the above given preventive and remedial steps to remain healthy and fit.

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