Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Living Rooms - Tips for Decorating Your Living Room - Living Room Decor - Decorating Living Room - How To Decorate Your Living Room | Tips on - Find TipsThe living room is usually the first room of a house. Also known as the sitting room, this room is used for relaxing, eating and entertaining guests. One must take care that this room is inviting and comfortable for the guests. Some ways of decorating your living room are as follows:

1. Organized Look: In order to give the living room an organized look you may start by pairing up your décor. Having a pair of chairs, tables and other furniture placed in co-ordination will give the room an organized look. Also try to keep the front room as clutter free as possible. Remove unnecessary items.

2. Focal Point: In order to make the living room look more vibrant, one must locate a focal point in the room. Any room will have at least one focal point. This could be the art work, flat television or contemporary piece of furniture. One may create a focal point in the living room according to his/her tastes and preferences.

3. Changing the Decor: If you like to change the décor of you room regularly or seasonally, you can start incorporating small changes. Move the furniture around and change the curtains. You can change the look of your sofa and chairs by changing the slipcovers. In the winters one may opt for velvet materials in the living room and this can be replaced by linen in the summers. Adding a rug or a carpet in the middle of the room can also dramatically change the look of the room.

4. Layout of the Room: Every room has its special nook or corner. If the attraction of your room is the French window, the best way to highlight it would be to place the sofa near the window such that it provides a great view when seated on the sofa. Drape the window with curtains and you could also place plants or flowers on either side.

5. Natural Touches: With some time and effort one can bring some natural touches to your living room. At the entrance or at some quite corner of the room, you may keep a bowl of water and fill it with rose petals and add floating candles to it. Decorative plants that do not require a lot of maintenance and water may be kept in wooden vases or pots. As per your choice, you may keep a wooden bowl filled with rounded pebbles on the coffee table or on the dining table. An electric artificial waterfall of small size may be kept in the corner of a large living room. If an animal lover, you may keep a small aquarium in the living room.

6. Reading and Recreation Space: If you have a big living room you may create a reading space in a corner of a room by adding appropriate lighting. In case of a space crunch, you may put matching lamps at the either end of the sofa. These can then be used to read a book or write in your person diary. Coffee tables at the end of the sofa or chairs may be used to keep your books and other reading material.

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