Locations For Hot Sex

Locations For Hot Sex

Locations For Hot Sex - Outdoor Sex Locations - Sex In The Car - How To Spice Up Your Sex Life » New Locations For Hot SexFor those men still having sex in that traditional location (the bedroom), we have the latest update from the new-age woman: she’s like some funk put between the sheets! So, listen up guys stuck in the bedroom: you need to peel off those outdated locations for sex and bring in some variety to your love-life by giving the ladies what they seek: excitement, pleasure and the novelty of a brand new, hitherto unexplored dimension of living e.g. unpredictable locations for sex – and you’re sure to heat up things!

In a recent poll conducted on what women want for a happier, more fulfilling sex life, most global participants were certain they’d like to commune with nature and try it out in the wild! Surprised? Don’t be! That’s because camping out adds a thrill and danger to the staid and known scenario of the bedroom and with many portable amenities available for the outdoor lovers today, there’s no limit to the luxury or basic living (as you prefer) you can tag along with you on that sex-romp in a tent or even a caravan, so get going now on that sex-cursion, will you! You can create a romantic atmosphere by making out in a double-sleeping bag with remember to use a condom as bodily emissions can stain the lining of the best sleeping bag!

Another hot location for sex that women wish men would try out more often is the back of a roomy car (think spacious back-seats and loads of boot space where you can stash rugs, scatter cushions, a picnic basket with red wine and gourmet food besides a surprise present for her and you’ve got it made, man!). Volvos, Tata Safaris, Scorpios were the top on the list with many ladies preferring the extra leg-room to the cramped back-seat of a hatch-back most college-students typically shag around in. So, give that new car a thought, will you – and who knows, the wider dimensions of your new set of wheels may just be the reason for your love-life spicing up with endless sexual manoeuvres you can comfortably try out while also visiting near-by week-end getaway spots!!

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