Look Taller

Look Taller

Look Taller - Short Men Clothing - Look Taller Shoes - Good Posture » Tips for Short Men to Look TallerBeing a short man can sometimes be a blow to the ego. It can be difficult to command the respect you desire and attract the women that you find attractive. However, if you are a short man, there is no reason to let that hold you back. Power, respect and charisma are all things that come from within, and are not affected by how tall you are.

Have Good Posture

There are ways to make you appear taller. Stand tall and have correct posture. You cannot afford to slouch or hunch over. Every inch of your height must appear in your stature. Standing and sitting straight will also make you appear self-confident.

Wear Short Hair

Wear short hair, which will not hide the neck and shoulders. Hiding these parts makes your body blend and appear as one. That will only make you look short and stumpy.

Keep a Fit Body

Work out to maintain a good silhouette. Having a trim figure will make your body appear leaner and taller. Being overweight or having a gut makes you look short and round.

Wear Properly Fitting Clothes

Wear clothes that fit you properly. Search out stores that cater to your height needs. There are several men’s stores that carry clothing for shorter men. Get your clothes altered if all else fails. If they are too long or too loose, they will swallow you and make you look smaller.

Do Not Wear Loud Patterns and Other Things to Avoid

Do not wear vertical stripes, vibrant patterns or heavy fabrics. Choose light fabrics in up to date patterns and graphics. Horizontal stripes only work in contrasting colors and when there are not too many of them. Stay away from plaids, flannels and especially any pants made from these things. Darker colors will elongate you and make you appear slimmer. Thick fabrics add bulk and make you look heavier and shorter.

Picking the Right Shoes

Shoes can also help you to appear taller. Several kinds of lifts and shoe accessories can add to the inches. A men’s shoe store should be able to provide you with assistance in finding the right products. Moreover, choosing a bulkier shoe will help your feet look larger. This will make you appear larger in stature.

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