Losing Weight In A Fast, Easy & Healthy Way

Losing Weight In A Fast, Easy & Healthy Way

Losing Weight In A Fast, Easy & Healthy Way - Liquid Diets For Losing Weight Quickly » Is Fasting Method Right for Losing Weight?Fasting means to stay without food for quite a long time. You can fast for half a day or a day without having anything. Many people have a misconception that fasting is ideal for losing your extra body weight. Whether it really works that way or not – is a debatable issue. But it definitely hampers the metabolism process of your body which might lead to some serious long term damage.

It is a common belief that if you fast for one day a week, your total consumption of calories is going to get reduced for a week. In addition to this, when you fast, the fat content of your body takes care of you by supplying the required energy. As the fat gets transformed into energy, you reduce few grams of body weight.

But the dark side of this method of reducing weight is that you might get dehydrated, without consuming water or liquid for a day. Even if you drink water during your fasting, it is not going to help either. As you stop the intake of food, you are not going to have adequate calories. As a result, you may feel dizzy, faintness or weakness. You are going to feel so weak and feeble that in the next day you will be eating the double amount, which is disastrous for your weight-loss project.

If you still prefer this method of losing weight then you should better follow the semi-fasting method. In this method, you are supposed to eat liquid diet once or twice a day. These liquid diets are kind of protein shakes, which will provide your body sufficient nutrients and at the same time reduce the fat content in your body. However, this liquid diet must be prescribed by your medical practitioner.

You should also remain under regular monitoring process to find out the amount of weight you are losing and whether this process is suiting your or not. Sometimes, along with the liquid diet, you may eat another solid meal of the day, which could be either the lunch or the dinner. For your snacks, you may depend on a variety of fresh fruits, which will ensure all required nutrients and calories for your body.

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