Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage - Successful Love Marriage - Marriage Responsibilities - Tips for a Romantic Marriage » Love and MarriageAfter the courtship period, comes the responsibilities of marriage, children, and household tasks. It is therefore imperative to keep the fire of love burning so that mutual love, care, and admiration is not just delegated to the bedroom and just become a few nights affair in a week.

A great wedding does not occur automatically. Getting together is just like a mount and cart. Following are some tips to keep the passion of romantic life alive forever:

Put an ‘I Love You’ reminder into the midday meal box of your counter mate. Articulate a weekend out of town or reserve a space at a nearby lodge for a night. Provide a surprise bouquet to your mate.

Females are advised to buy huge darned flower bouquet for their male counterparts. Dedicate a love song for your soul mate on broadcasting means such as on television and radio.

Learn saying ‘I Love you’ in at least five languages and repeat it as frequently as possible. If permissible financially spend at least once on luxurious and expensive lingerie.

Huge spending rarely serves a noble cause. Buy a creative gift for your soul mate. Please note a wallet or blender does not constitute a resourceful gift.
Be aware of different massage techniques and provide your mate a sensual feeling of this practice. Unlock a bottle of champagne.

There need not to be any other reason for celebration except love. Make your partner drunk and for final seduction! Provide a surprise kiss to your partner when least expected. This is the best way to convey true feeling to make love.

Following things are recommended to avoid in order leading a successful marriage:

Do not use code words during expression. The expression must be direct and honest. Do not go to bed without resolving an argument. Do not belittle your mate in front of others. It is advised to convey your observations privately.

Do not argue about trivial and past things. Do not assume that your mate is quarreling with you just because of a shear disagreement. Do not try to change the habits of your mate.

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