Love Making

Love Making

Love Making - Sensual Lovemaking - How To Kiss With Passion - How to Talk Dirty to Men » Spice up LovemakingStudies have shown that a good session of lovemaking puts men straight to sleep. Often, the female partner is still craving for her next orgasm. Try counteracting this theory by testing out some of the suggestions below. You are sure to find a few to try!

Talk dirty to him

He thinks he is finished and is lying on his side, with sleep on his mind. Spoon him snugly and move your hips slightly as you tell him just how hot his moves are. Stroke that ego and tell him every little thing he did right. Go into details about your favorite moves and explain exactly how good it felt to you. Make him feel that he is the only man on earth that can do it the way he does.

Kissing with Passion

Tender kisses are usually the prelude to a sexual encounter. Just as he seems to be passing out for the night, thinking he is finished, arouse him with planting sensual kisses on his erogenous zones. It will not take him long to figure out that you are not finished yet. Capture his attention truly by whispering in his ear, as you nibble on it.

Steamy Shower

Hot water stimulates blood flow. Better blood flow is energizing. Suggest a hot shower before you fall asleep, to help relax you both. Once in the shower, appropriate touching and rubbing wet bodies is an irresistible precursor to sex. Start by helping him wash his back and shoulders, then throw in some hot soapy hugs and you are likely to be well on the way to encounter number two!


Men love watching women touch themselves. Next time he thinks he has finished for the evening, start squeezing your breasts and feeling your clitoris and vagina. Show him how much you are enjoying yourself. You know what you like, do it for him and he will get aroused.

This is the most seductive thing you can do to get him going. Enjoy yourself enough and it will not matter if he joins in or not.

If all else fails, let him drift off to dream land, then wake him in the morning by licking and sucking on his erogenous zones. You are sure to get more before he leaves for work!

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