Madonna Turned 50

Madonna Turned 50

Madonna Turned 50 - Madonna Singer - Madonna biography - Madonna songs » Madonna Turned 50–But Still Performs Like A VirginThe 16th August 2008 saw pop star Madonna turn 50. Even though she has seen half a century go by she surely does not look her age. However, Madonna is not alone in celebrating her 50th birthday this year – she shares the stage with Michael Jackson and Prince who both complete 50 this year. Michael turned half a century on the 28th August and Prince on June 7th.

It is amazing how the stars of the 80s have survived compared to the up coming stars of today. Take for example Britney Spears, with all her health issues and personal problems can you think of what her stardom (if there is any of it) is like just 5 years from now? Then there is Amy Whinehouse, she is already wheezing it is hard to imagine her just 4 years hence. In fact, it is rather impossible to think of any star of today who will be able to get up on that stage and perform once, and if, they live past 40.

I will not argue that Jackson is living on accomplishments from his past but Madonna and Prince is both as vital and welcomed on stage where ever they go even today. Madonna still sells out complete auditoriums and stadiums where ever she goes and even then has people trying to scale the walls to get a look in. in fact she even makes a killing on albums she distributes free – though how her managers do that is a closely guarded trade secret!

Madonna released her most recent album – Hard Candy – that has not really made records of sorts but it has crossed the magical sales figure of half a million – the album sold 600,000 copies. The sales figure is expected to shoot up around her tour reaches the US on the 4th October this year where she is going to perform at the Meadowlands. After that Madonna is going to perform at the Garden on the 6th, 7th, 11th, and 12th. Madonna may not be “Like a Virgin” anymore but all the 70,000 tickets have been sold out already at all the venues – so good luck, if you wanted to get a peek at the 50 year old pop star!

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