Maintenance For An Electric Trimmer

Maintenance For An Electric Trimmer

Maintenance For An Electric Trimmer - Trimmer Buying Tips - Hair Trimmer Cleaning » Care Of Your TrimmerSo, you’ve invested in an electric trimmer for your regular home grooming kit? Well, that sure is a good start for men who like to sport different looks during different seasons and perhaps grow a beard over Christmas and give it all up for New Years when they’d like to step out sporting a goatee! But, there’s a lot you need to know about the care and maintenance of your trimmer if you want to avoid having to shell out the big bucks for buying a new one just because you didn’t take a few simple timely measures for keeping it clean when you needed to.

Read up the basic and useful guide for we’ve provided here with tips on trimmer-care that are ideal for all those guys who like to grow facial hair – or, even occasionally get rid of it, too – but by doing a home job on it and without incurring the expense of a salon professional’s fees.

Keeping the trimmer clean and regular maintenance of this handy beard-grooming gadget is very essential for ensuring its cutting blades stay lubricated and grant you many years of hassle-free service. If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of one of the latest models of high-quality trimmers with Titanium-coated cutting blades, you needn’t worry much about their care and upkeep as these come permanently lubricated. So, they only require basic cleaning with a soft brush and such a brush is typically supplied with the unit on purchase.

Another reason for doing regular cleaning for the trimmer is because you’d like to increase the unit’s operating life; take care to always unplug the adapter from wall outlet without applying any pressure and never insert any hard objects to the cutters’ portion of the trimmer. Never use any liquid cleaners on the cutters or even on main body of the unit; avoid rinsing it under water as this can remove the lubrication provided in them.

Keep the trimmer in shut-off mode when not in use and remember to remove its guard attachment besides blades assembly before doing so after blowing or shaking off any hair that may have collected therein.

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