Make-Up Remover Tips

Make-Up Remover Tips

Make-Up Remover Tips - How To Use Eye Make-Up Remover - How To Remove Makeup | Tips on - Find TipsApplication of makeup is important to enhance your looks. But equally important is the way you remove makeup. First of all, whenever you apply makeup, whatever be the kind of makeup, it is very essential to remove it from the skin in proper manner. If you do not follow this routine, pores of your skin start clogging due to makeup particles. This condition will not let the skin breathe and making it dull and boring. It will damage the skin in long run. Removing makeup is very essential to maintain the health of the skin.

Makeup removers are specifically designed to remove the different components of your makeup. Usage of just soap and water can not remove the makeup particles deeply from the pores of skin. For different parts of your face, you use different types of makeup products. These products have different constitution and texture. To deal with these different kinds of makeup products you need different types of makeup removers. Like skin around eyes is very sensitive, so you need to use eye makeup remover only rather than general makeup remover. Many people use cleanser for removing makeup which is not right; cleanser is oil based.

Removing Eye Makeup

Waterproof eye makeup, especially mascara is not easy to remove and is stubborn kind of makeup. To remove this, first apply a baby shampoo, using a damp cotton ball. Also apply baby oil on the lashes and the area around it. Apply a little olive oil on the cotton ball and rub very softly on the lashes. After the makeup is removed, cleanse the extra oil with warm damp washcloth. Another tip is to mix olive oil (1 tsp), castor oil (1 tsp) and canola oil (2 tsp) and apply around eyes.

Face Makeup remover

For removing makeup from oily skin, you need a makeup remover which contains tea tree oil. To remove makeup, take few drops of the remover on the cotton ball and wipe the face and neck gently. Leave the remover on the skin to let it dissolve the makeup particles completely. Choose makeup remover with cleansing as well as moisturizing properties. Also select it according to your skin type.

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