Make-up Tips for Valentine Day

Make-up Tips for Valentine Day

Make-up Tips for Valentine Day - Valentine Day Tips - How to Look Sexy | Tips on - Find TipsValentine is a special day for all the couples and if you don’t look good on that particular day then it will really hurt you personally. The amount of make-up and how you apply it on your skin will give a huge impact on your personality.

Here are few tips:

1. If you are going to exiting evening then keep your lips soft & kissable with lip gloss. You can also use lip color according to your dress and skin complexion, and top it with lip gloss. It will give you sexy pout.

2. Right eye makeup gives your eyes romantic & beautiful look. You can use mascara to thicken and lengthen your lashes. Heavy eye make up during the day is not looking good. It is great idea to going with natural shades that complement your eye color. In shades beige, brown, purple and gray are in fashion. Put liner on your eyes and use eye shadow with sparkle to create interest on your eyes.

3. For cheeks you can use powder blush to create a rosy complexion and heighten the color on your cheeks. It will enhance your personality and give you sexier look.

4. Before valentine day, do pedicure and manicure and prepare for you, for the big evening. Pretty painted fingernails and beautiful toes make you more attractive. Match your nail enamel shades with your clothes and massage some scented oil on your toes.

5. Hairstyle plays an important role to give you perfect and elegant look. Curly hair is in fashion it gives you sexy and relaxed look. Blond hair gives you more attractive look. Chose nice hairstyle (according to your personality) before you move out to meet your partner in this big day.

6. It is the best idea to go with your natural look. On this particular day your partner wants to look your natural rather then makeup looks, which will hide your original looks.

Spray the best perfume on your body adds some more pulse points in your personality.

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