Makeup Application Steps

Makeup Application Steps

Makeup Application Steps - Makeup Application - Makeup Application and Rules - Basic Rules of Applying Makeup | Tips on - Find TipsMakeup trends change every season. However, the basic rules of applying makeup always remain the same. The secret of stunning looks lies in choosing the right makeup tools and applying them in the proper manner.


Your makeup routine begins with a proper cleansing regime. A cleanser is essential for removing all traces of dirt and grime. Washing your face with soap is perhaps the easiest way of cleaning your face, but for thorough deep cleansing, you need cleansing milk. Apply small dots of the cleansing milk allover your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and neck. Avoid the area underneath your eyes. Now spread the cream all over your face in upward circular strokes. Wipe the cleanser with damp cotton. If you have oily skin, you can use a cleansing lotion, instead of a cream.


After cleansing, dab astringent or a skin toner all over your face. This helps to refresh your skin and tighten the pores. Astringent is especially useful if your skin is oily. It helps to reduce the excess oil secretion by tightening the pores of your facial skin.


To keep your skin supple and tight, apply a good moisturizer. If your skin is oily, instead of an oil-based moisturizer, apply oil-free moisturizing lotion.

Shaping eyebrow

After the cleansing process and before moisturizing your skin, check your eyebrow. Any extra hair should be plucked or threaded to retain the arch of the eyebrow.

Applying foundation

Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Remember to blend the foundation properly. You can lightly press a tissue to remove traces of excess oil.

Applying powder

You might apply compact or translucent powder over the foundation. The powder should be evenly spread over your face and neck. Dust off the excess powder with a brush.


Now it is time to give your cheek some color. Powder blushers are used after powdering your face. However, cream blushers or glimmers should be applied after applying the foundation. Apply the blusher on the cheekbone, gradually blending it towards the ear.

Eye makeup

First, apply an eye shadow. Then fill in the gaps in your eyebrow with light strokes of an eyebrow pencil. Now apply the eyeliner, followed by the mascara.


Applying the lipstick finishes your makeup application.

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