Makeup tips for Brides

Makeup tips for Brides

Makeup tips for Brides - Bride Makeup - Makeup for Brides - Bride Makeup Tips | Tips on - Find TipsThis is your day. The day you have been waiting your entire life for, and everything needs to be perfect, right down to the last eyelash. Your makeup needs to be perfect so you feel perfect. It is important to avoid blotchy skin, since your wedding photos will reveal all.

Just a few tips to get you started is that you should start taking extra care of your skin at least two weeks before the wedding. Stay away from the tanning salon and no facial treatments or waxing. These will only irritate your skin and could leave it blotchy and streaky looking.

The base of your makeup is the foundation and concealer. You want to fill in your pores and lines with a thin primer. This could be your favorite moisturizer and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Your next step is the foundation. One that has an oil free base will last much longer on your skin. Use some powder to keep away the shine and take your time with this step. Your concealer is next and should be dry.

For your eyes, use a liquid liner, smudged to blend, and use an eye shadow for the final touch. A pencil will give a softer look to your eyes, whereas the liquid is a bolder look. For your brows, color them in and brush them into place.

Your blush has options. You can layer it for an all day glow. Go for a color that matches your chest, palms and fingertip color. The lipstick should not be applied till you put a dab of foundation around the edges. Then, using a lip liner pencil, fill in and line your lips. Put on your lipstick and be sure to blot. Apply again.

For staying power all day long, use a variety of creams and powders. Mix this up with all of your makeup to help it stay put through all of those kisses and hugs. You may be tired at the end of the day, but your makeup will keep going like the energizer bunny.

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