Makeup Tips to Look Fresh & Tricks To Hide a Sleepy Face » Makeup Tricks: Hide a Sleepy Face

Makeup Tips to Look Fresh & Tricks To Hide a Sleepy Face » Makeup Tricks: Hide a Sleepy Face

Makeup Tips to Look Fresh & Tricks To Hide a Sleepy Face » Makeup Tricks: Hide a Sleepy FaceLet’s say you didn’t sleep at all the previous night and have a really important board meeting the next day. It won’t go down well on your career report if you turn up at the meeting looking all puffy eyed and exhausted.

Here are a few quick tips to refresh yourself real fast and conceal the tiredness from your face.

The best way to refresh yourself real quick would be to splash icy cold water on your face. In addition to reviving you instantly, the cold water helps constrict the blood vessels in your face, thus giving it a naturally radiant, smooth and toned look.

You can carry an atomizer with you wherever you go which would come to your need in case there’s no water around.

Another efficient way to look and feel good would be to rub your face with a wash cloth that is pre dipped in a mixture of milk and ice cubes.

The nearly neutral base of milk works well with the cold water to brighten your face. You can aslo suck on an ice cube to remove the blotchiness from your face.

Apply a face balm or a thick moisturizer to lock the water content in your body therby preventing your face from looking dull and dehydrated. Tinted moisturizers look good on the face in contrast to powders and heavy foundations which only help in making you look masked and sallow.

You can effectively conceal the tiredness in your face by applying bright colored blushes in contrast to darker colors that tend to make your cheeks look hollow. Peach and cream formulas can be applied on the apples of the cheeks and blended in well to give a fresh and youthful look.

Applying a deeper colored contour to your cheeks can give your face a sculpted look and remove any signs of puffiness. A foundation that is just one shade darker than the skin can be applied to the cheek bones, temples, and jawlines.

Of course you will need to blend it in properly with a sponge or brush until it disappers enough to show no signs of heavy makeup.

Puffy eyes can be real revealers of how tired you are and you need to effectively camaflouge them to avoid showing signs of exhaustion. If you have a concealer, apply two coats of it over the dark circles around the eyes.

Alternatively, you can apply a chilled mixture of peptides and caffeine over the eyelids and leave it on for about 5 minutes before washing your face with cold water.

Peptides tend to be the least irritating of all the anti ageing ingredients and you can have a mixture stored away in your refrigerator for emergency purposes.

In addition to these treatments, there are several eye rollers and moist pads that are available in the market and can offer a relief for puffy eyes. Be sure to choose a roller that has high water content though.

Eyelash curlers can do wonders in hidding puffy eyes. If you have a good quality curler with you, apply a good amount of it as close to the lashline as possible.

Apply a little amount of curler and two coats of lengthening mascara over it to your outer lashes to give the image of longer lashes and you would have done a good job in making your eyes look attractive rather than dull and dismissive.

In addition to affecting your face, lack of sleep can show itself in the form of dull and lifeless hair. Give life to your locks by washing them with a dry shampoo that absorbs the oil and refreshes the roots.

You can follow by blow drying your hair at high heat and then apply a branded styler to hide ‘slept on strands’ effectively.

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