Making Toddler Sleep Easy With Effective Practices

Making Toddler Sleep Easy With Effective Practices

Making Toddler Sleep Easy With Effective Practices - How To Get Toddler To SleepAll women who have experienced motherhood would know that most of them look forward to the time when their toddlers /kids are on the bed, in a long and sound sleep. This is the only time of the day when they have to finish in all their chores and yet manage sometime for themselves.

And at night, only if the child sleeps, parents, specially the mother sleeps. Lack of sleep affects both the mother and the child. For the parents it is mostly strenuous, irritating and tiring but for the child it has far greater repercussions. It results in episodes of anger or temper tantrums, hyperactivity, growth hurdles and also interferes with the learning ability of the kid.

Sleep is so vital for the child and the mother that it goes on to become one of the most important factor that strengthens the bond between the two. It also becomes a decisive factor in the personality that the child begins to own at early stages of development. Listed below are some tools that are effective in inducing good sleeping habits in toddlers.

Effective tools to put your Toddler to sleep

Fix a “Time to Bed” and “time to wake up” regimen and maintain the same consistently. The child has his own biological clock which can be manipulated at the very early stages by sending consistent signals to the mind that it is time to sleep. Once that time is set and the mind accepts the same, toddlers show propensity to go to bed at that time of the day. Hence, regulating the sleep time is very important.

Daily mid day naps should be encouraged so that the kid is less cranky. As the day progresses a nap-less kid grows fussier and hyper alert. It is difficult for the child to go to sleep as his brain is hyper alert and is buzzing with too much activity and too many things that he is unable to decipher. It is important to see that the child rests during the daytime as well.

Do not miss the play time routine, if you want your kid to sleep sound. As they run around playing, cycling, messing with things, they are in fact exercising. This is an important stimulant for sleep. If they exercise well, they fall asleep soon as the body demands that rest. If you feel there is need and the child is hyper active, you can set up certain simple stretch exercises before bed time. It besides, the relaxing the kid helps him to put his mind rest and falls asleep easily. However, you must bear in mind that these should be extremely simple and harmless stress exercises.

Create a sleeping ambience, put off the lights. Darkness triggers the release of sleep hormone or the sleep button. You should dim the lights at least an hour before you have set the sleep time. If the child loves music, play a soft music, even if he craves for a foot tapping number, that will help him sleep. It has soothing effect and helps the brain to lower its hyper activity..

A consistent bedtime routine, programs the mind of the child to sleep. A routine or fixed schedule creates security that helps an easy transition, from motion to sleep. As you proceed with routine activities- sponging/bathing, night dress, brushing the teeth, the young mind tells the kid that ‘sleep time” is here.

Making Toddler Sleep Easy With Effective Practices - How To Get Toddler To Sleep

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Make the bed cozy, likeable and sleep friendly. You have to ensure that the bed is clean, mattress is cozy, the bed cover welcoming , blankets warm, the room temperature right, lights dim , the dress comfortable and airy. These factors are key to a cozy and sound sleep.

Good nutrition is very vital to a healthy sound sleep. The child should be adequately fed with soothing and filling food that is rich in carbohydrates. Sugars that stimulate the bladder is to be avoided completely. A kid who is well fed also is happy and willing to be put to bed. The sleep triggering Tryptophan is present in bananas, yogurt, peanuts, milk. So,a warm glass of milk or any of the above Tryptophan rich snack, at least 30 minutes before bed time, will help your kid get a good night’s sleep.

Manipulate the time to sleep. Give a soft massage to the feet, or scratch the back, or just move your fingers softly through the hairs. These simple yet effective exercises will help them put to sleep.

You could also narrate a story of interest to the child instead of reading it out. As you narrate, put the lights off, ask the child to close the eyes and listen to the story. The brain begins to focus on the content, hyper activity is reigned in, and the child could well be asleep before you have finished the story.

Limit the consumption of water. Do not hydrate the child before bed time. Avoid any kind of bladder stimulating sugar; else the child will get up to pee every 2-3 hours ruining your sleep as well. t is important that if your toddler is not comfortable with diapers at night, wake him up at least twice or thrice at night to pee. There may or may not be a disruption in the sleep of the child but rest of the night, he would sleep sound.

We parents, in our anxiety to make the child sleep sometimes give them gel filled silicon nipples to help them sleep. This is in the early stages is acceptable but should not become a necessity. As the dependency increases with age, it wil be very difficult to make them quit the habit.

Sleep is an indispensable body function. We have to know that the child will definitely fall asleep.We have to factor in the fact that there could be some problems or deviation from routine. Therefore, it is suggested that one should not resort to any thing such as a soothie or any medication to make the child sleep. If you find that the child is absolutely inconsolable and nothing is working, it is best to call the doctor.

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