Making your wool clothing last a lifetime | Tips on

Making your wool clothing last a lifetime | Tips on

Making your wool clothing last a lifetime | Tips on - Find TipsHow to retain you woolen garments for years

Winter has finally arrived and your best woolen garments are once again out of your wardrobe. The chilly season is time for some hot woolen fashion. You buy the beautiful and expensive woolen clothes, occasionally with designer tags, which you want to retain in your wardrobe for ages. However, to maintain the quality of the wool, its color and texture, we need to apply some extra care. It is not difficult to care for the woolen garments only if you follow some easy tips.

Do not over wear your wool garments
It might sound strange but it is nonetheless true that even your wool garments need some rest. It might be the most casual pullover that you wear to work everyday, but the wool fiber is not capable to withstand the daily wear and tear. After wearing wool clothing, it needs a full 24-hour rest to regain its shape.

Store your wool garments with care
You should be very careful while storing woolen clothes. Woolen garments, as we all know, tend to wrinkle very easily. To make sure that its original shape is retained, after every wearing, try hanging them on padded hangers. Before putting your woolen garment on the hanger make sure that the pockets of your coats are empty, all accessories such as belts are removed, and the dress is buttoned or zipped up.

Knitted garments should be properly folded and stored in airtight spaces, such as drawers in the cupboards. Keep your wardrobes and drawers free from insects. Wool is susceptible to moths and carpet beetles. The larva of these insects feed on the wool, destroying the fiber and in the process, your favorite woolen garment. Make sure that your garment is perfectly clean before storage. Remove all types of stains, especially oil stains from food or your body crème, since the insect larvae are lured by them.

Brushing and cleaning
After taking off your woolen garment, brush it properly. Besides removing the dust and insects, proper brushing also revives the nap. Nearly all woolen garments come with a cleaning instruction tag. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are garments that should only be dry washed. The “superwash” labeled garments are fit for machine wash.

For hand washing, you must use either cold or lukewarm water. The detergent or liquid soap selected should be mild and free from any bleaching agent. After washing, squeeze out the excess water by rolling the wool garment in a towel. Dry it in shade away from any source of direct heat.

Follow these simple steps and your wool garments will be preserved for a long time.

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