Male Baldness

Male Baldness

Male Baldness - Bald Men - Men Hair Loss - Baldness Hair » Male BaldnessSome of the celebrities, like Michael Jordan and Bruce Willis made bald men look cool. Remember, your hair is not the only thing that is on your head, but it can be the only thing you think is on your head. Keep this in your mind when it starts to fall.

At times like these it is wise to accept the situation and look for some good advice. If you search about it on the Internet, most of the information is from companies that try to sell your their products and solutions, but you can find some places like this one that actually contain some useful information.

Read on and find out how you can accept the fact that you are losing hair and, how to do it in style.

Try looking for clues on why your hair could be falling. Become a detective and keep a sharp eye on the signs. Maybe your friends or coworkers mentioned to you that you were losing hair, or you noticed that you had more in some recent photos. Or when you wash it and look in the mirror afterwards, you may notice that in some places where there should be hair you see more skin, especially on the top of your head.

If this is the case for you, then yes, it is official. You are getting bald. Do not fret though – take it like a man.

The next thing to do is to accept it. It can be very hard for you to go through this in your twenties, sure. The first stage you will go through is denial. You do not believe that it is happening to you, and you will refuse to accept it.

Then you go through anger. You ask yourself why and do not believe you deserve this awful thing. You then bargain with God and ask him to let you keep your hair in exchange of whatever he can think of.

You may go though depression, you may think that your life has ended and consider this as game over for you. Lastly, you come to accept it. It could be worse, right? You are, after all, still healthy and this is the most important thing.

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