Male Breast Cancer Causes

Male Breast Cancer Causes

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Male breast cancer is not common earlier but now many cases have been reported. Men too have breast tissues but not much enlarged as women and they are not much exposed to hormones for growth.

Men are less likely to get breast cancer but a cancer cell can easily develop in their breast tissues too. Men between the age of 60 – 70 are more prone to this disease. In most of the cases they are identified at the last stage only as most of the people are not aware of the men’s breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer in Men

1. High level of estrogen in the blood

2. Increased exposure to radiation at younger age for any other treatments will raise the chance for breast cancer.

3. Klinefelters Syndrome ie a genetic condition of having an extra X chromosome is more likely to cause breast cancer.

4. Chronic liver disease will produce more estrogen and which in turn may result in breast cancer.

5. Obesity is another reason for breast cancer.

6. A family history of breast cancer even if it’s a mother or sister will increase the chance for breast cancer.

7. A man having genes of breast cancer will get breast cancer with increased chance.

8. Excessive use of alcohol is also a stunning cause for breast cancer.

9. Excessive use of saturated fatty acid food also paved the way for breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

1. Lump formation in the breast or armpit

2. A discharge from the nipple which is a clear liquid or a blood stained liquid.

3. Swelling of the breast and a dimpled appearance.

4. Nipple turns inwards and makes some irregular shape to the breast.

5. A red color with rashes on the breast.

6. Dry or scaly appearance of the breast skin.


1. Mammogram of the breast using X-rays will help to detect the breast cancer.

2. Examination of the nipple discharge for cancerous cells is also possible.

3. Ultra sound scanning using the sound waves can detect the abnormal cancerous tissues.

4. Biopsy of the breast tissues can explain the presence of cancerous tissues very well. There is fine needle biopsy, core needle biopsy or surgical biopsy for this.

Early diagnosis will help your doctor to save your life. Medicine had advanced and now we have the best treatments available for breast cancer.

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