Male Chefs Versus Female Chefs

Male Chefs Versus Female Chefs

Male Chefs Versus Female Chefs - Who are the best chefs in male and female - Super chefs - Male female chefs difference » Male Chefs Versus Female ChefsThough Cooking and stitching have long been associated with careers for women, they have arguably, been careers occupied very successfully by men. I would state, at the risk of being branded a male chauvinist pig, that the best chefs are men. Though the world of fashion will demonstrate both men and women sharing the dais on an equal level, in the world of food and drink it is very obviously the men who are up front.

A lady friend of mine, who enjoys her favorite pastime having me point out the achievements of men over women, and then lambaste me with all sorts of adjectives (her ultimate objective) presented this argument on one of her many defeats about female liberation. Said she that men have dominated the professional sphere of the world and will not let women walk, or work, shoulder to shoulder with men, this she stated to be the reason why we don’t see women cooking as good as men do.

Well to give them credit, and to shed some light on the matter too and not really knowing the difference, not being a gourmet connoisseur and all that sort of thing, but I have to admit many women do make it big in the kitchens of many renowned restaurants and homes as well. Perhaps they are more into their career of cooking than into public relations and the media to get noticed by the world. We see them on the fashion ramps only because they have to make their presence known publicly while in the kitchen they are hidden from view, while the male chefs who do make it to the limelight are the ones who work overtime to get there. Lest we forget the lesser known male chefs who do take their cooking career seriously and dole out mouth watering dishes instead of attracting the attention of the media.

In conclusion we could say that men do make very good chefs, but they have very stiff competition from their lady counterparts. So, if any of you guys out there are set to make it big in the food and beverage industry remember to give the female world of chefs a bit of credit too. It may be a male dominated world, but our ladies do play an important role in it too!

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