Male Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

Male Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

Male Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction - Diagnosis Of Impotence » New Age Impotency:BustedImpotency and men have been battling it out since forever, often latter having to face the showdown. This certain ‘male’ problem is serious enough to bust your confidence, ego and everything else that defines ‘macho’.

It is quite an embarrassing situation when you and your lady love are all perked-up for a steamy session but there seems to be absolutely no desire by your ‘fellow down there’. More embarrassments, confrontations, apologies and endless gloom follows. Impotency has emerged to be one of the most prominent problem face by the new-age male and the worst part is that it is stashed-away in the closet forever.

Ignoring the problem is never the solution. However, after you have gone past that stage, it is time you actually faced the problem like a man. Foremost, get the facts right, impotency is in-ability in men to hold an erection to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. This is problem can erupt during a normal intercourse every once a while, but should be taken seriously if persists.

The main cause of impotency is inadequate blood supply to the male organ. If proper blood supply is resumed, Impotency can be cured to a large degree. While most of the doctors believed that impotency was more of a psychological problem, now it is speculated that it can have physical causes as well.

With a few pointers, you can help yourself and face impotency. If you are in to smoking and alcohol, it is high time you cut-down the habit. Good exercise and less of fatty food in your diet can make a lot of difference. Keep a close watch on your weight and make sure your medications are safe, if any. It has been found that anti-baldness pills give way to erectile dysfunction, so it is up to you to choose between vanity and virility. Drugs are a big no-no and so are stress and anger. Having a close friend to talk to is a healthy habit to keep the blues at bay. On the more psychological level, counseling can also help.

Popping Viagra might be a temporary solution, but on a long run try making some alterations in your lifestyle. Also, keep in mind to go to a reputed sexologist, otherwise you will be prescribed more pills and diagnosed with ‘old-age’ as the main problem.

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