Mammography For Breast Cancer

Mammography For Breast Cancer

Mammography For Breast Cancer - Screening For Breast Cancer With Mammography & How to Detect Breast Cancer EarlyMammography is a very important tool used for the detection of breast cancer. In many countries round the world, women are highly encouraged so as to undergo routine mammography, this helps in early detection of breast cancer. In USA, mammographic examination is mandatory every 2 years for the women.

Mammography uses low dose X-ray system so as to examine the breasts. A mammographic examination is routinely called as mammogram. Imaging the X-rays involves the exposure of body to extremely small doses of ionizing radiation. X-rays are the most commonly used technique for mammographic examination.

New technologies in mammography are digital mammography and computer aided detection. Digital mammography works on the same concept, except that X-ray film is replaced by the electrical signals. The detectors used are same which are also present in digital camera. These images can be seen on computer or printed on films. Computer Aided Technologies scan these images and software then shows the abnormal density, mass or calcification.

Mammography can be screening or diagnostic mammography. Screening mammography can diagnose the breast cancer 2 years before you can actually feel them. Diagnostic mammography on the other hand is used to diagnose the abnormal conditions found during screening mammography.

There are also some pre-requirements before you undergo a breast exam. Avoid mammography during periods when your breasts are tender. You should always inform your physician if you are facing any abnormality. Also it is required that you tell him about any hormones intake, prior surgeries or any family history of mammography.

There is no need to panic when you are going to undergo a breast examination. Some women, who are undergoing examination may feel discomfort when the paddle is pressed against breast, but don’t worry, it will not harm you. Some time it is asked to change your position. This is recommended so as to get various type of views, top, bottom and oblique views.

However there have been cases earlier, that few women got exposed to higher intensity beams during in the breast examination, this resulted in cancer. So it is always highly advisable to get knowledge of the intensity of Xray beam which is going to be used.

Sometimes mammography is not solely reliable, and it is recommended to undergo ultrasound in these cases.

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