Manners, Etiquettes

Manners, Etiquettes

Manners, Etiquettes - Manners Definition - Professional Manners Etiquette | Tips on - Find TipsDo you know Washington, Lincoln, and Gandhi; had what in common apart from being great. Although they perform great deeds, but one other attribute they shared was the emphasis laid on mannerisms and etiquettes. For this reason itself, they not only ruled our hearts but also became immortal in the pages of history.

Meaning of Manners and Etiquettes

Infact not only adults ,but also showing respect and affection to even kids; following principals of truth; asking for permission while entering somebody else’s room; observing formalities while talking on phone etc. are all part of etiquettes and manners. Observing mannerisms is not a mere formality but also reflects on your nature, character, culture, intellect and upbringing. It tells a few facts about your family as well. Just saying ‘thanks’ or ‘sorry’ without meaning them really is not enough.

What is important?

If you are not well-mannered, than all your academic and professional achievements amount to practically nothing. Often when we meet new people, we first of all observe his way of conducting him/herself i.e. his manners and etiquettes. Accordingly we form an opinion about that person.

Few things we should take care about;

Treat everybody with love and affection; give ample respect.

If you are taking meals with your family then take care that you get up all together.

Don’t be shy to own up any mistake or blunder you may have committed.

If undergoing any discussion with anybody, make sure you are clear about each and every point. Else clarify anything you are not clear about.

Prepare a list of etiquettes and manners and hang into your room for ready reference.

Sometime get into a sort of self-analysis and check whether you are observing social rules or not.

Always be well-disciplined.

Place special to personal hygiene; and keep neat and tidy.

Try to be socially active and participate heartingly into community service.

Take care not to either whisper or shout while into conversation.

So we see observing a few simple rules can take you quite far in manners and etiquettes.

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