Maria Sharapova Engaged to Sasha Vujacic

Maria Sharapova Engaged to Sasha Vujacic

Maria Sharapova Engaged to Sasha Vujacic - Maria SharapovaIt is love all between Maria Sharapova and boyfriend Sasha Vujacic. According to the latest internet buzz, Maria Sharapova is engaged to the Los Angeles Laker Shasha Vujacic. The duo was seeing each other for a year. Finally, Shasha proposed to Maria Sharapova at his hometown California at Manhattan Beach.

Sasha Vujacic proposed Maria Sharapova with an Expensive Diamond Ring

Celebrities do everything in style and anything they do becomes news. Sasha Vujacic proposed Maria Sharapova with a diamond ring. Wait! The diamond ring that Sasha Vujacic gave Maria Sharapova is almost worth $250,000! Sasha is a guard for Los Angeles Lakers and this season, he could earn over $5 million with Lakers. On the contrary, Maria Sharapova’s last year earnings constitute almost $25 million including games and endorsements. Hence, a $250,000 worth engagement ring may not seem to be very surprising.

Both Sasha and Maria have struggled a lot in their own fields. They both faced several shortcomings and injuries as they rose to popularity. Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova have announced their engagement but their wedding date is not yet fixed. Rumors state that wedding date may be only after the Wimbledon series.

Last weekend, Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic had lunch together and the media caught a glimpse of Maria’s engagement ring. The tennis star will soon join the other Laker star wives like Kim Kardashian! Meanwhile, the couple looks happy together and very much in love. Maria and Sasha have been training together for their games and cuddling at the concerts.

Maria Sharapova Engagement Ring Photos

Unlike the wedding photos of Katy Perry and Russell Brand or Blossom’s Star Jenna, the media got first hand information and photos of Maria Sharapova’s expensive engagement ring. Many websites on the internet provide detailed information about Sasha and Maria Sharapova’s engagement. You can also see the $250,000 worth huge engagement rings that Maria appears to be wearing. Everyone is happy and hoping that it will be a happy and long marriage unlike many celebrity marriage disasters. Now, will the couple allow media to put up their wedding photos? Let us wait and see.

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